Case Study: Severe Herniated Disc

Two years ago, Terence M.

Ruptured a disc while lifting a box from the trunk of his car. As a result, he lost the use of his right leg and suffered relentless, excruciating pain. Desperate for relief, he went to see Harvey Kleinberg, DO, an Osteopathic Physician and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist for over 35 years. Dr. Kleinberg used Non-Surgical spinal decompression therapy to alleviate Terrence’s pain and restored his loss function.

“When patients have injuries, you want to make them feel better as quickly as possible, and that is what Spinal Decompression therapy is capable of doing for many patients,” Dr. Kleinberg said.

Dr. Kleinberg prescribed a treatment plan of three 30-minute sessions a week which eventually tapered off as the pain began to subside. Patients usually undergo about 20 to 25 treatments, and easy maintenance can keep people from ever having a repeat injury again.

“My pain was excruciatingly horrible,” Terence said. “I thought I’d never be able to be up and about again. My pain was gone in two weeks. I was feeling so good, I couldn’t wait to go back to work.”

I Was a Pain Doctor In Pain!

Dr. Kleinberg knows firsthand how unbearable back pain can be – he suffered from herniated discs three years ago. “I had undergone three laminectomies, but continued to suffer from severe sciatica one year after the third surgery. Due to the severity of my problem, it took 29 treatments for a total elimination of pain. It’s been three years now, and I’m still pain free!” Because Spinal Decompression Therapy alleviated his back pain he is determined to inform people about this nonsurgical treatment for herniated or degenerative discs.

“No one should have to suffer from pain for the rest of their lives if there is a treatment outside of surgery that can offer them relief with no risk involved,” Dr. Kleinberg said.


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