Hip Pain

Hip Pain

Hip function is in constant demand, whether sitting, walking, or running. As a result, hip pain occurs in active adults and those who sit for long periods of time. Hip injury is the most common of hip pain causes, especially in athletes who put repetitive strain on hip joints, muscles, and the groin.

At Macomb Spine Care Dr. Daniel Clark specializes in hip pain treatment, hip pain causes, hip joint pain, and hip injury. He provides comprehensive physical therapy and chiropractic hip pain treatment to correct imbalances and restore alignment. Proper diagnosis is critical to hip pain treatment for effective relief, recovery, and re-injury prevention.

Hip Pain Symptoms

Dull hip pain or severe hip pain can present at any time of day or night. Hip pain when walking, standing, or running are due to stress on the hip joint, hip stabilizer muscles, and hip flexor muscles. Some people experience hip pain when sitting or resting at the end of the day. Limping, limited range of motion, muscle spasms, and general tenderness are all reported symptoms. Lumbar or lower back and hip pain often occur together as pain tends to radiate from the back to the hip and buttocks. Pelvic pain, groin pain, and upper thigh pain can also be felt in conjunction with hip discomfort.

Hip Pain causes?

Wear and tear on the hip joint and surrounding muscles accounts for most hip problems. The complex nature of the musculoskeletal system often results in referred pain or interconnected pain of the lower back, hip, groin, and legs. True hip dysfunction involves the joint where the femur and pelvis connect; however, diagnosing hip pain causes requires the careful and knowledgeable exploration by a spinal specialist like Dr. Clark. Insufficient strength or flexibility of the hip stabilizer muscles can put significant stress on the hip joint. Lumbar back issues, herniated discs, sciatica, and hernias are all common hip pain causes.

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