Therapeutic Exercise Rehabilitation

Macomb Spine Care combines exercise rehabilitation techniques along with spinal adjustments to provide the most comprehensive recovery from any injury. In fact, we believe that patients can reap additional benefits when adding proper post-adjustment exercise training to their care.

Whether you have suffered a sports injury, a car accident injury, a personal injury, or are you trying to correct years of poor posture habits, exercise training improves the overall function of your entire musculoskeletal system for lasting pain relief. When the spine and its supporting muscles and other soft tissues are working together in harmony, back pain, neck pain and other ailments are less likely to reoccur and you will be less prone to future injury.

Exercise Rehabilitation for Athletes and Sports Injuries
Exercise rehabilitation refers to the training Dr. Clark and the Macomb Spine Team provide alongside our traditional chiropractic care. When you have suffered a sports injury or a car accident injury, not only can the alignment of the vertebrae suffer—your muscles and other soft tissues suffer as well. They can be strained and develop scar tissue from unbalanced use when they are in pain.

During rehabilitation from any injury, healing these muscles through exercise rehabilitation is critical so that they can become strong and healthy again. Then your muscles can properly support the healthy spinal alignment you need to avoid further back pain and neck pain.

Over the course of your recovery, we review how your therapeutic exercise plan is working for you. We can adapt exercises to improve the strength and flexibility of each muscle group as needed and evaluate the improvement in your range of motion. Whether you are recovering from a sports injury or an auto accident injury, we can also help you strengthen other previously weak areas, particularly the abdominal muscles and back muscles. Not only will this help you recover from the injury, but it will make you less vulnerable to future strains because you will be stronger and more flexible overall, particularly when it comes to the muscles supporting your spine.


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