Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

Macomb Spine Care incorporates Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements to aid in the healing process. Along with the Clark Method, supplements can help speed up healing, promote enhancement of immunity and natural pain relief.

  • Discat Plus – Supplements for Degenerated Damaged Discs and Cartilage
  • Formula ONE – Daily multiple supplement of Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Fat-Lowering Agents, Trace Minerals, Amino acids & Herbs
  • Disc & Joint Pain Relief Complex – Natural pain relief for Back & Neck pain

What are Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamins?

In short, pharmaceutical-grade supplements must meet the USP, or the United States Pharmacopeia standards. The USP provides assurance to consumers of the purity of the capsule. It must contain in excess of 99% of the ingredients stated. In addition to this, the bioavailability is much higher in pharmaceutical-based supplements than that of store or food-grade vitamins. That is why Macomb Spine Care only utilizes pharmaceutical grade supplements in your healing process.


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